Size matters and at reflec evolution we believe that small is better, enabling you to produce improved products. So we have done the big thing - introduced a wide range of micronising equipment to improve our speciality - providing finer grinding services for British industry. We can reduce material to grains that are smaller than the particles in smoke. We routinely convert ingredients for companies involved in industries as wide ranging as food production or oil extraction. Paint is better, water is more pure because of reflecevolution processed products. We convert materials used in resins, rubbers, adhesives, surfactants, silicas, talc, paint additives, chemical intermediates, detergents and polymers.

Our systems are versatile and can handle materials delivered in bulk, drums, kegs, sacks or IBC’s and in quantities from a few kilograms to several tonnes. Wide use of stainless steel enables our skilled operatives to easily clean down after each operation to eliminate cross contamination.

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